Kamala Harris formally launches 2020 presidential campaign

Kamala Harris (D-CA) formally launches her campaign for President of the United States at a rally in her hometown of Oakland, California. Wait a minute, a woman running for president! A black woman running for President! I can only imagine what Donald Trump is thinking!

R. Kelly Accused Of Attacking 19-Year-Old Girl For Looking At Another Man

According to TMZ, Kelly is being accused of violently attacking the 19-year-old girl he was “dating” back in 2017. Two other violent incidents are also said to have taken place after Halle allegedly looked at a group of men leaving a hotel. It’s reported that Kelly slapped Halle for this. R.Kelly needs to be behind bars!


Chris Brown was released from custody in Paris with no charges filed after being detained on rape allegations. This is why it’s so hard to believe if someone was really hurt or not!  If Chris Brown did in fact rape this young women he needs to be punished if not this young girl  should be […]

President Trump’s prime-time Oval Office address bore a few similarities to President Obama’s 2014 Rose Garden speech on immigration reform. Click on the link  below for the video:


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