Multiple bomb explosions rocking churches and hotels in Sri Lanka

BBC reports that the government has blamed a little-known local jihadist group, National Thowheed Jamath for the attacks. So far 24 people have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

Police now report that 500 people were injured.

Sri Lankan authorities confirmed that they were warned about a bomb threat from National Thowheed Jamath two weeks ago.

BBC also spoke with Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando who told them that the intelligence “never indicated it was going to be an attack of this magnitude”


He said, “all important departments of the police” were informed about the warning, but acknowledged that no action was taken.

Of the 290 dead, three of them are the children of billionaire Danish fashion mogul Anders Holch Povlsen.

CNN reports that Povlsen who owns Bestseller, an international clothing chain, and is the largest shareholder of the online clothing retailer Asos, lost three of his four children in Sunday’s attacks.