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Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, J.Bell knew at an early age he wanted to leave his mark in entertainment culture. From the first time he was handed a microphone, his vibrant personality resonated with crowds, forcing him to hit the ground running.  As a Telecommunication Major at Bowling Green State, he began to develop his own unique sound. His days in Toledo, Ohio gave JBellTheArtist his first taste of on-air experience. Now he’s ready to shake things up in Palm Beach!



Jae Mansa - Fate (Official Music Video)
Excessive bass; large 808 kicks; uninteresting rhymes defaming women; and exalting an obnoxious bravado surrounding money and fame.  This is the headache of the current copycat hip-hop culture permeating the airwaves in today’s mainstream music industry.  However, sifting deeper into the underground, we may be fortunate to find real treasure in hip-hop.  A sound that began as […]

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