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R Kelly’s Daughter Forced to Drop Out of School

According to reports, R. Kelly’s daughter Buku Abi has been forced to drop out of college because her dad didn’t pay her tuition. Abi claims that this was the first step that Kelly made in cutting her off financially, and it’s rumored that he stopped paying for textbooks and her apartment rent too. Kelly’s crisis […]

Michael Avenatti Claims to Have a New R. Kelly Sex Tape

Attorney Michael Avenatti might have evidence to bring charges against R. Kelly. In a statement released on Thursday, Avenatti claims to have a 45-minute sex tape featuring Kelly and an underaged girl. Avenatti says he was retained by some of R. Kelly’s accusers 10 months ago and he has been working on the case pro […]

Kanye West Is Over The #MuteRKelly Movement

Kanye West is being Kanye West again. The rapper’s latest rant involves the #MuteRKelly campaign. While radio stations and fans around the world are calling for people to #MuteRKelly in the wake of his alleged child molestation allegations Kanye West is reminding people that they can do what they want, especially when it comes to […]

R. Kelly Reportedly Physically Abused Aaliyah

We are learning more about the relationship between R. Kelly and Aaliyah. In Surviving R. Kelly we learned that they got married, the marriage was annulled and Aaliyah may have been pregnant by R.Kelly. Now we are learning that there may have been physical abuse. The marriage and the legal claim against him are sealed […]

Lady Gaga Won’t Work With R. Kelly Again

Amidst the sexual assault allegations against R. Kelly, Lady Gaga has apologized for her collaboration with R. Kelly and has promised to remove her 2013 duet with the singer called Do What You Want (With My Body) from iTunes and all other streaming platforms. “I stand behind these women 1000%, believe them, know they are suffering and […]

Rise In Calls To Sexual Assault Hotline After "Surviving R. Kelly"

Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary might be saving lives nationwide. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network reports that calls to their hotline have increased by 20 percent after the series aired last week. RAINN says the hotline usually experiences a spike in calls when sexual assault is in the news. The organization tweeted during the documentary, […]

Color of Change Demands For RCA to Immediately Drop R. Kelly

Racial justice organization, Color of Change is calling for RCA to drop R. Kelly, immediately. The docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly sent waves of shock and disgust on social media after the first two episodes aired on Lifetime Thursday evening. The documentary producer, Dream Hampton, who also serves on the board for Color of Change, is […]

Gun Threat Causes “Surviving R Kelly” Screening to End Early

The premiere of the Lifetime movie “Surviving R. Kelly” came to a halt after attendants had to evacuate because of a gun threat. According to Lifetime, the anonymous call came from Chicago and there were no injuries at the venue as a result of the evacuation. Some of Kelly’s accusers were in attendance for the […]