Unity Week in West Palm Beach

X102.3 is celebrating  Unity Week in West Palm Beach

October 21st – 27th

Help us celebrate unity within the community. Each and every day we will commemorate Unity Week with a different message to bring the community together.

As we support Reggie Dee as he is in his final leg of his Walk for Unity walk.

 Theme Song – Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People

Sunday, October 21st
• Celebrate the 7th annual National Unity Day – wear t-shirts expressing Peace, Love, Kindness, Unity.
• Observe Open Houses of Worship Day – Different religions and general public invited to fellowship.
Monday, October 22nd
• One Blood Monday – Theme: “One West Palm Beach, One Nation Under God, One Blood” Celebrate E Pluribus Unum (From Many, One), Honor our military personnel and families who sacrifice blood for our national well-being. Wear the color RED for the day.
• Join Don Chris and X102.3 at City Hall at 5pm as Mayor Muoio Presents Unity Week Proclamation.
Tuesday, October 23rd
• City of Kindness Tuesday – Theme: “Unity is a by-product of Kindness”. Celebrate by performing Random Acts of Unity & Kindness. Wear the WHITE for the day.
Wednesday, October 24th
• On-The-Table Wednesday – Theme: “Breaking Down Barriers While Breaking Bread”.
•Join national event sponsored by The Community Foundation encouraging community residents who seldom move in the same circles to share a meal and along with ideas to strengthen intra-community alliances (Info: Call: 561.659.6800 or Email: OnTheTable@cfpbmc.org).
Thursday, October 25th
•Sea2Sea Thursday – Theme: Unity from Sea to Shining Sea – This is a salute to local hero, DJ Reggie Dee, whose 3300 miles Walk for Unity will take him, on foot, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in an effort TO BRING ALL OF US TOGETHER. It is a day to support Reggie’s Walk whatever way you can, to keep his name on our lips, his cause in our hearts, and his safety and well-being in our prayers. Wear the color BLUE (For The Ocean) for the day.
Friday, October 26th
• GOLDEN OpportUNITY FOR UNITY  Friday – Theme: Adopt Unity as a culture in West Palm Beach like City Hall has adopted Kindness. Normalize treating others as you would have them treat you – every time.
Wear the color Gold(or similar) for the day.
Saturday, October 27th
• Walk for Unity Saturday – Honor Reggie Dee by counting your steps to add to Reggie Dee’s total. Join Don Chris and X102.3 at we encourage listeners to join us with a peaceful unity rally as we gather at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at Currie Park at 10am.